Though for many companies 2020 was a year that brought a significant reduction in income and sales, and a consequent contraction in operations, it also has revealed a new world of opportunities for improvement and growth. This has required companies to search for ways to adapt and make better use of their resources, work more efficiently, and be more competitive to increase profits.

One of the best ways to do this is to expand your manufacturing to Mexico securely and quickly. American Industries’ industrial real estate solutions and shelter program will allow you to do just that, and in the process save around USD 3-4 million per 100 employees each year. We have worked for over 40 years and with over 200 international companies in Mexico, specializing in the manufacturing sector, to help them achieve their business goals—especially in challenging times.

Our industrial real estate services will help ensure the success of your manufacturing operation by finding the ideal facility for your business for at the best price. Thanks to our broad networks formed over decades in business, government, and academia, we always have our thumb on the pulse of industry in all sectors and areas of Mexico. One of the country’s most in-demand locations in industrial real estate Mexico with a well-developed ecosystem and mature supply chain in various sectors is Chihuahua City.

International companies in Mexico

The growth in the area is favorable to investors as it means they can leverage the resources available and are afforded great flexibility in development depending on their requirements in build-to-suit and multitenant spaces. On the other hand, this high demand means that rental spaces, especially in safe and high-quality industrial parks, have become limited. Many companies have decided instead to invest in building new facilities, and even when building, there can also be delays in getting quotes and proposals due to service providers’ work backlog.

On the other hand, our shelter program provides full operational support (fiscal, accounting, customs, and human resources), expatriate services, as well as ongoing consulting to keep you up-to-date on changes in industry laws and requirements. We make sure that our clients are always 100% in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, meaning that we are always informed of the latest changes and updates. Some of the most recent and relevant changes include new federal and state protocols for businesses to prevent and manage the health crisis.

Offshore manufacturing in Mexico

Our specially-trained personnel has helped our clients implement measures designed to significantly decrease the impact of the crisis on their businesss and keep thier plants productive and operating. Another law we have been reviewing and advising our clients on is concerning NOM 035. This recently implemented labor reform is aimed at decreasing psychological and social risks in the workplace. There have also been changes in the application of outsourcing laws to ensure workers’ rights—all of which our clients’ operations are in full compliance with.

Chihuahua City’s location in northern Mexico has made it attractive for a wide range of companies, especially those in the manufacturing, medical devices manufacturing Mexico, aerospace manufacturing Mexico, and automotive manufacturing Mexico.

American Industries has worked in the area for over four decades as a key stakeholder in creating the mature business environment and mature supply chains present there, with a special focus  on international companies looking to set up nearshore or offshore manufacturing in Mexico.

If you are looking at reinventing and expanding in 2021, in Chihuahua City or elsewhere in Mexico, don’t hesitate to reach out to talk about how our shelter services can help you cut costs and meet your business goals.

By Rogelio Vázquez | Regional Shelter Director | American Industries Group®
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