“We have had fantastic benefits working with American Industries. We have a good hiring process and low absenteeism in the area (less than 0.5%). We have had almost no turnover over the last 12 years, and we also have a very smooth operation concerning government relationships and others.” See More
Alfredo Zúñiga, VP of Manufacturing at Friedrich Air Conditioning
“…American Industries has been essential for our success… …they far away came across as the most down earth, trustworthy , have your back type of people… …really helped us focus on the things that we know, and they’ve taken great care of us in helping us with the things that we don’t know. That continues on to this day and it takes the pressure out of the unknowns…” See More
Bruce Bacon, President at WKK America Inc.

“…We needed somebody to guide us, and that’s how we came upon American Industries. They walked us through the process of setting up in Mexico from the beginning. They helped us to speed up our processes and saved us a lot of time, headaches, and grief. When you are new in town, you don’t know how much you don’t’ know, and having an ally like American Industries on your side is invaluable….” See More
Tony Yrey, General Manager at PD Mexico
“…A lot of people first told me when we were thinking about moving to Mexico that we would just be in all kinds of trouble trying to keep things straight, and trying to negotiate customs, immigration, exportation, and all kind of governmental reporting that had to be done -and none of that took place with the help of American Industries… … I cannot tell you how easy that has been -I have not spent a night at home worrying about what we are doing in Silao Mexico…” See More
Jim Scott, President of Ground Effects Ltd.

“…I just see American Industries as a true partner. They listen to us and react to our needs. Again, they treat us like family. They are always there with us, every step of the way, we highly recommend them.”
Rob Babst, President of Metal Finishing

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