American Industries® provides a modern Site Selection approach based on a comprehensive process for companies to find the best location considering the following steps:

  1. Establish a project team: The team will typically include representatives from the executive team, business unit, real estate department, logistics department, tax department, human resources, and outside site selection consultants.
  2. Define the project requirements: which will vary significantly based on the type of project. The requirements for a logistics operation will be dramatically different from those of a manufacturing plant. The project team will need to work together to identify key dates, employee skill requirements, projected headcount, desired labor rates, capital investment, accessibility to customers and suppliers, real estate needs, and infrastructure requirements.
  3. Modeling relevant data aligned with your site selection criteria: companies will use data variables such as population, demographics, unemployment rate, cost of living, utility costs, industry presence, inbound and outbound materials, wage rates, union rates, tax rates, time zone, and other variables to create a long list of five to eight locations.
  1. Identify the finalist locations: Perform a thorough workforce, infrastructure, logistics, business climate, economic incentives, and real estate market analysis of the five to eight candidate locations.
    American Industries®' methodology provides the information that needs to be uncovered and compared utilizing a matrix-type approach, which includes the following:
  • Demographics: Employment and population analysis
  • Labor: Availability, salary, and benefits
  • Logistics: Customs, transportation, duties optimization analysis
  • Real Estate: Building location, utilities information, park fees
  • Supply Chain Analysis: Clusters integration and processes availability
  • Educational Institutions: Enrollment and graduates of training colleges and universities
  • Government: Incentives, support programs, and taxes
  • City Amenities: Quality of life, safety, and infrastructure
American Industries will help you analyze locations within Mexico by visiting several potential sites and explore possible incentives.

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