Mexico used to be known mainly for its manufacturing industry, yet the country has gone through major developments over the last decade and is now considered to be home of the most important technology cluster in Latin America, the highly skilled and educated workforce, has facilitated the establishment of a vast number of operations: software development, design centers and BPO services.

Mexico manufacturing

Due to its globally integrated economy and world-class infrastructure, international IT corporations as well as up and coming Silicon Valley startups are turning their sights towards Mexican high tech clusters. There are many reasons behind the decision to start IT operations in Mexico, its long standing high tech manufacturing expertise, collaborative business and academic sectors, and high-quality of life, make Mexico a burgeoning tech center for highly specialized industries.

Here are some important Industry Facts

  • Software job growth this year in Mexico’s three largest metropolitan areas - Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey reached 8.6 percent
  • Talent pool of more than 500,000 IT professionals.
  • 65,000 IT professionals graduate from more than 120 universities per year.
  • The cost of living and wages are vastly lower than Silicon Valley.
  • Travel accessibility and time zone compatible with the Bay Area and other important tech hubs.
  • 600 small and medium-sized companies, many of them start-ups, export 70% of their materials and content.
  • Firms such as Oracle, HP, Motorola and IBM have found a second home in Mexico.

High-Tech Industry in Mexico.