What is the Standard Work Week in Mexico?

By Marian Garibay | Guadalajara Regional Director at American Industries Group®
Published 13/10/2022

Among the many benefits of setting up or expanding operations in Mexico, one of the most attractive is its available, skilled, and affordable labor force. Many companies are looking to take advantage of the cost savings of Mexico’s labor rates to become more competitive and agile, making it important to understand what the standard work week is like. Here we discuss the three different shifts and maximum working hours for each, breaks, and how overtime is calculated according to Federal Labor Law.

According to Article 61 of this law, there are three different work shifts, each with a different number of maximum hours per shift:

  1. Day shift: For hours worked between 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM (maximum of 8 hours per shift).
  2. Night shift: For hours worked between 8:00 PM and 6:00 AM (maximum of 7 hours per shift).
  3. Mixed shift: For hours worked during both the day and night shift, as long as not more than 3.5 of these are during the night shift* (maximum of 7.5 hours per shift).

*It must be noted that if more than 3.5 of the hours worked in a mixed shift are during the night shift, it will be considered a night shift.

When shifts exceed the maximum number of hours per shift listed above, then overtime will apply. Employees are allowed to work up to three extra hours per shift, with a limit of three times a week (nine hours), which will be paid at double the employee’s hourly salary. Any hours beyond nine in one week must be paid at triple their hourly wage.

Law allows employees and employers to agree upon the number of hours to be worked in a day and week as long as this does not exceed the maximum established by law. In addition, employers are required to provide one day of rest per week and at least a 30-minute break period per shift. However, many employers provide additional time for eating and resting, ensuring they stay fresh throughout the day.

Though full-time employees generally work a 6-day work week of 48 hours from Monday through Saturday, the time can also be divided so employees work 4 or 5 days per week with the same maximum number of hours per week. For example:

Mexico’s labor rates

Mexico’s labor rates

Mexico’s labor rates

As you can see, Mexican labor laws allow the flexibility for employers to adapt work shifts and weeks to ensure maximum productivity and take advantage of the savings Mexico’s labor rates offer. Though  legislators are currently contemplating adjustments to labor law, Mexico will undoubtedly still offer one the most skilled, affordable, and productive labor markets in North America and the world. Contact us if you would like to learn more about labor rates and regulations in Mexico or what fully loaded labor costs would be for your operation.  

Marian Garibay

Guadalajara Regional Director

American Industries Group®

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