Strategic Shift: From Offshoring to Nearshoring for Improved Agility and Cost Savings

By Iván Padilla | Guanajuato Business Development at American Industries Group®
Published 02/21/2024

In the constantly changing landscape of global commerce, the strategic shift from offshoring to nearshoring marks a pivotal change in corporate strategies aimed at bolstering production agility and resilience. This transformation is part of a broader movement as companies seek to bring their operations closer to their core markets, thus ensuring swift adaptability to market fluctuations and consumer demands. Within this context, Mexico's advantageous geographical location adjacent to the United States, combined with its mature supply chain ecosystem in a variety of industries and logistics advantages, makes it an ideal choice for firms eyeing the North American market.

According to Mexico’s Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), Mexico's annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew by 3.4% from January to September 2023 (after adjusting for seasonal factors). This growth is attributed to the momentum of nearshoring activities, a strategic increase in public expenditure, and the inherent growth momentum within the economy, which is expected to continue. The Economic and Stock Market Outlook by Grupo Financiero Monex forecasts a promising trajectory for Mexico's economy, with an expected 2.1% growth in 2024. This highlights Mexico's growing role as a critical player in the nearshoring movement and its increasing appeal for businesses pivoting from offshore outsourcing to nearshoring strategies.

Offshoring to Mexico: Embracing Agility and Efficiency

The transition from offshoring to nearshoring marks a significant evolution in corporate strategy, especially for offshore manufacturing companies seeking to mitigate costs and enhance operational efficiency. Historically, these companies looked towards nations with lower production expenses to optimize their profit margins. While economically advantageous, this practice came with its own challenges, including extended supply chains, quality control issues, and cultural and language barriers—highlighting the pros and cons of offshore manufacturing.

Recently, the trend has shifted towards nearshoring—especially offshoring to Mexico—as companies recognize the strategic benefits of geographical proximity to their main markets. This move is primarily motivated by the desire for greater agility, business continuity post-pandemic, and the capacity to swiftly respond to market changes and consumer demands. By relocating operations closer to home, businesses can achieve shorter lead times, better control over the manufacturing process, and improved collaboration with local suppliers.

offshoring to mexico

Offshoring Mexico: Harnessing Strategic Benefits for Global Competitiveness

The trend of nearshoring to Mexico shows no signs of stopping. It is underscored by several factors that make it an attractive option for businesses shifting from traditional offshore outsourcing models. Some of its main benefits include:

Proximity to the US Market:

- Shorter shipping times and lower logistics costs.

  - Easier communication and travel for business due to time zone overlaps.

  - Enhanced ability to respond quickly to changes in consumer demand.

Mature Supply Chains and Infrastructure:

  - A well-established network of suppliers across various industries.

  - Advanced and constantly developing logistics and transportation systems facilitating smooth cross-border trade.

  - Strong support for high-tech manufacturing and innovation.

Skilled and Cost-Effective Labor Force:

  - Access to a large pool of skilled workers at competitive wages.

  - Continuous investment in education and training programs to sustain a skilled workforce.

Robust Infrastructure and Favorable Trade Agreements:

- State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and technology parks.

  - Benefits from trade agreements such as the USMCA, which reduce tariffs and streamline trade processes.

Attractiveness for Offshore Manufacturing Companies:

  - A stable and business-friendly environment.

  - Offshoring to Mexico offers a blend of cost efficiency and quality, balancing operational expenses with the benefits of a nearshore location.

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These elements collectively position Mexico as a prime destination for offshoring companies looking to capitalize on the advantages of nearshoring. The shift towards nearshoring in Mexico aligns with the need for operational agility and market responsiveness and provides a strategic edge in the competitive global marketplace.

Maximize Nearshoring Benefits with American Industries’ Shelter Program

Partnering with American Industries under the administrative shelter services program when nearshoring to Mexico is the smoothest path to transition from offshoring to nearshoring. Five key benefits of a shelter partnership are:

  1. Operational Sovereignty: You will always retain full control over your operations, ensuring that productivity, quality, customer satisfaction, and timely delivery are never compromised.
  2. Cost and Time Efficiency: Gain immediate operational capability with an already established Mexican legal entity, complete with necessary certifications, software, hardware, and licenses. This arrangement results in a lower start-up cost compared to a standalone operation and allows for a rapid launch.
  3. Fiscal Advantages: Enjoy the financial benefit of no VAT on the import of raw materials and equipment and on local purchases, amplifying savings through economies of scale from day one.
  4. Expert Guidance: Benefit from ongoing consulting services, ensuring your venture is free from unexpected costs or price mark-ups.
  5. Risk Mitigation: Operate knowing that you are in full compliance with Mexican laws and regulations, significantly reducing potential risks and liabilities.

This strategic collaboration with American Industries allows companies to focus on their core competencies while minimizing risks and maximizing efficiency.

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Embracing nearshoring to Mexico offers many cost-saving opportunities, from labor to logistics, amplified when partnering with experienced shelter service providers. Companies benefit from competitive labor rates for skilled roles, driving down expenses and achieving more streamlined operations. The shift toward nearshoring signifies a strategic investment in operational agility, cost-effectiveness, and geographical proximity, enhancing business resilience and regional economic integration.

As Mexico continues to invest in its technological capabilities, workforce, and infrastructure, its status as a premier nearshoring hub is set to rise, promising a solid foundation for businesses aiming to succeed in the global market. If you're considering the strategic advantages of nearshoring or reshoring to Mexico, contact American Industries. Let us be your guide to unlocking the full potential of your business. Contact American Industries today to start your journey.

Iván Padilla

Guanajuato Business Development

American Industries Group®

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