Business Innovation: Key to Success

By Patricia Loya | Innovation and Development Manager at American Industries Group®
Published 07/28/2022

Without a doubt, innovation allows a company to stand the test of time.

Innovation in business aims to create added value for clients, shareholders, personnel, suppliers, society, and other stakeholders by generating income and creating new processes, ideas, services, or products. Innovation refers not only to the process of creating something from scratch but also to improving existing elements or components of a company. For example, when we can make existing processes more efficient, we save time and money, fostering a company’s profitable growth and giving it a competitive advantage.

It is also important to clarify that when we talk about innovation, we refer to something much broader than just using the latest technology.

In business, when we discuss ideas like reengineering, decentralization, synergy between business units, improved customer experience, cost optimization, standardization, and opening up new business opportunities, we are talking about innovation.

What will we use to innovate? How are we going to do it? Where is our innovation headed? Why do we want to do it? And what are the opportunities and threats we will face along the way? These are the questions we should use as starting points.

To answer these questions, we should analyze our environment from various perspectives, including market, technological, operational, economic, and financial.

Structuring, executing, orienting, and achieving results are the paths that will lead us to innovation.

Business Innovation in Mexico

Throughout our over 40 years in business, innovation has been the main focus in American Industries’ ongoing search for ways to add value to all stakeholders in our company, both for our clients and suppliers, by optimizing processes to improve their experience with us, and society, by offering employment that adds value to the community and makes it more sustainable.

Innovation is not spontaneous. Even though it is the product of our collaborators’ creativity, if a company fails to foster a culture of innovation, its efforts will always fall short.

Our purpose in life is to create value through developing our unique skills.

Creative individuals develop habits like improving their observational skills, brainstorming, taking notes, changing routines, reading widely, writing lists of annoyances and wishes, drawing flow charts and diagrams, resolving problems and riddles, analyzing content, understanding trends, creating new conversations, seeing different sides of an issue, visualizing the ideal result, finding needs and opportunities, imagining possible extreme situations, proposing analogies, similarities and metaphors, and imagining all the things yet to be invented, among many others.

At American Industries, we have built a culture of innovation and a team of creative collaborators in all our business areas.

Our Industrial Real Estate, Shelter Administrative Services and Río Bravo teams, are always ready to adopt the latest trends and are many times ahead of them.

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For example, our Shelter and Río Bravo teams are forward-thinking and continually looking for ways to innovate in their processes.

On the other hand, American Industries Real Estate division’s innovation focuses on its commitment, on a local and global scale, to doing its part to minimize environmental impacts and continue promoting the philosophy of caring for, maintaining, and repairing the Earth to restore environmental balance.

Creating partnerships with companies that are also committed to constant innovation is a sure formula for success.

Patricia Loya

Innovation and Development Manager

American Industries Group®

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