The Electric Vehicle Revolution: Reshaping Mexico's Automotive Landscape

By Paulina González | Monterrey Regional Director at American Industries Group®
Published 04/23/2024

The introduction of "made in China" cars to Mexico not only means a significant milestone in the automotive industry but also opens up a landscape of unprecedented opportunities, promising substantial growth and profitability. This transition toward sustainability and technological innovation is reshaping the focus of domestic automotive production, presenting a bright future for potential investors.

Currently, the automotive trade and supply chain are evolving toward a more diversified and future-oriented market. In this context, companies already established in the automotive sector, or those planning to do so, possess a valuable competitive advantage: familiarity with the local market, labor force, customers, and suppliers. This familiarity not only provides a solid foundation for adapting to and seizing the new opportunities arising from the arrival of cars from China or other countries but also bolsters their potential for growth and success in the changing market.

With a combination of experience and a forward-looking vision, the Mexican automotive industry is not just adapting to the changes but is poised to lead the way in adopting manufacturing technologies, fostering innovation, and promoting sustainability in the global market. Exploring these possibilities, it becomes evident that Mexico's automotive sector is ready to embrace a future marked by growth and advancement.

Investment and Collaboration Opportunities in the Automotive Industry in Mexico

Exploring the new investment opportunities in automotive manufacturing with the introduction of Chinese cars to Mexico involves considering the possibility of establishing strategic alliances or investing in the local supply chain with existing automotive companies in Mexico.

Undoubtedly, China has emerged as an important player in the global market for electric car manufacturers, establishing a noteworthy presence on the global stage. Chinese brands defy expectations and have established a significant presence on the global stage.

To meet their production targets, Chinese companies are investing in strategic locations such as Mexico. Like other leading automakers worldwide, these companies are aware of the benefits that Mexico's technology, skilled labor force—with a robust technical education conducive to high-value manufacturing—and accumulated expertise over the years offer.

The arrival of international companies and the impact on the Mexican automotive industry

Certainly, the arrival of major electric car manufacturers, such as Tesla and Build Your Dreams (BYD), will leave a notable mark on the automotive industry in Mexico.

These companies will influence Mexico by contributing to the further development of the necessary infrastructure, logistics, business environment, training, etc. to establish their automotive manufacturing plants. This progress acts as an incentive to attract additional suppliers, expanding the already mature automotive ecosystem in Mexico.

automotive industry


It is estimated that this American company's total investment in Mexico will be between $5 and $10 billion in the coming years, generating GDP growth of 0.5% to 1%. Regarding employment, the plant is expected to create at least 5,000 direct jobs and 30,000 indirect jobs.

Another noteworthy potential impact is environmental: Tesla's plant will use recycled water in its production processes, which is expected to contribute to reducing carbon emissions in Mexico.


While there is currently no clear official figure on the investment and job creation potential of this Chinese company in Mexico, it is clear that it represents a substantial amount.

car factories in mexico

According to reports from the Ministry of Economy, BYD's plant will initially have a production capacity of at least 150,000 units, aligning with the company's sales target for Mexico. In the current year alone, the Chinese company aims to sell 50,000 units in Mexico. However, they anticipate exceeding 100,000 units sold by 2025.

It is crucial to recognize that the arrival of these companies in Mexico also drives other innovations, such as battery technology and charging infrastructure, which strengthen the entire industry supply chain.

All this reinforces Mexico's position as an attractive destination for investment in the automotive sector and lays the foundation for sustainable and competitive growth in the global market.

As such, arrival of "made in China" cars in Mexico marks a pivotal moment for the automotive sector, presenting new prospects for expansion, technological advancement, and environmental sustainability. With renowned international players such as Tesla and BYD making significant investments in Mexico, the automotive manufacturing landscape is advancing, presenting prospects for partnership and investment.

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Paulina González

Monterrey Regional Director

American Industries Group®

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