Manufacturing Mexico: Making Data-Driven Decisions

By Alma R. Ortega López | Institutional Relations at American Industries Group®
Published 03/30/2022
Having reliable data and hard facts is key to any decision-making process. This is especially true for companies looking to adapt and expand in today’s constantly changing landscape. Making informed decisions allows you to strategically invest time and resources and ensure a return on your investment.

This need to carry out due diligence and collect relevant information is especially important when setting up operations in a new country with different market dynamics, economic situations, and contexts.

Is hard data in itself enough?

For better or worse, in today’s world, information is not scarce, and it can be an overwhelming task to find, filter, and interpret the mountains of raw data at our fingertips to use it effectively. Faced with this, it is critical we compare and view it through a lens of real-world experience and cultural, historical, and industrial context.

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Where can I find information about Mexico’s economy and industry?

If you are looking to expand and manufacture in Mexico to take advantage of the multitude of benefits this offers, the INEGI, or Mexico’s National Institute of Statistics and Geography, is a valuable resource. This autonomous agency of the Mexican government performs the population census every ten years as well as an economic census every five years, including gathering information on everything from monthly gross domestic product to employment and occupation statistics, among other information used by other institutions and businesses throughout the country.

Mexico’s Secretariat of Economy recently launched a new platform called DataMexico that allows anyone to browse, view, compare and download the INEGI’s wealth of public data to promote innovation, diversification, and investment in the Mexican economy. The site allows users to search by products, cities and places, industries, and countries and create customized reports with the data they choose.

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How do I know what is relevant to my business?

So much information makes it essential for international companies to have a trusted partner in Mexico that can help you filter these statistics to find what is useful for each business, industry, and company’s specific goals and context. American Industries provides its clients with precise information and insight, allowing companies to discover opportunities they didn’t know existed and insert themselves into Mexico’s business context in a mutually beneficial and profitable way.

Whether you are in one of the country’s fastest-growing industries, such as the aerospace industry Mexico or automotive industry Mexico, or any other, American Industries can help you make fact-based decisions and ensure a soft and headache-free landing in the country. If you are interested in finding out more about Mexico labor rates in your industry or how shelter services in Mexico can help your company succeed, reach out today to talk to our business case analyst.

Alma R. Ortega López

Institutional Relations

American Industries Group®

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