A Focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
and its Importance in Today’s World
Across the world, there has been an increased awareness of corporations’ responsibility to have a positive impact on not only their shareholders’ bottom lines but also on the communities where they operate, the environment, and the well-being of their collaborators and stakeholders. A broad concept that has been adopted to help companies understand and implement this integral business model or vision is known as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

CSR can take on many forms and looks very different for all companies depending on their context, size, and purpose to help companies be more conscious of their role in society and be held accountable for this, both internally and to the public. This, to simultaneously improve profitability and produce higher living standards and quality of life for the communities and individuals in their circle of influence.

The four main pillars of CSR are: quality of life at a company, business ethics, connection to the community, and efficient use of resources and preserving the environment. Upholding these principles contributes to a better perception with the public and creates better relationships with employees. Fostering a positive working environment and implementing programs to help collaborators feel more connected with the world around them builds morale and improves employer-employee relationships.

Pillars CSR

American Industries Group has developed a formal document outlining its CSR philosophy, mission, and vision of contributing to Mexico’s economic development supporting the establishment and successful operation of international companies through its administrative and real estate services, with a strong commitment to social responsibility. Its approach to integrating CSR into its business model is based on the belief that by working together—employees, customers, and community  —we become more profitable and build a more balanced society.

Its CSR committee promotes these principles in the company, with stakeholders, and the wider community, through the guidelines established in its code of ethics and conduct. These are based on the ten principles American Industries adheres to and are contained in the UN Global Compact to promote a culture of respect for human rights, the environment, and fighting corruption.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Some of American Industries’ specific initiatives related to CSR and carried out as part of its CSR strategy (the details of which can be found in its annual CSR report) include financing social projects and supporting over 32 civil society organizations, reforestation projects in Queretaro, and designing all its facilities to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly, in addition to programs aimed at helping employees to handle stress and support their physical and mental health and that of their families.

These are just a few of the ways in which American Industries makes good on its commitment to CSR, efforts which have earned it the distinction of Socially Responsible Company from the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (distinction it has earned for 13 consecutive years), as well as the award granted by the Chihuahua State Human Rights Commission of a Company Committed to Protecting Human Rights, and named as Responsible Family Business by Mexico’s Secretariat of Labor and Social Welfare.

By Marisa Salinas | Social Responsibility Manager | American Industries Group®
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