Guadalajara: Mexico’s Manufacturing and High-Tech Hub

Guadalajara is Mexico’s second-largest city and is located in central-western Mexico. This gives it privileged access to ports and the country’s highway system and an excellent climate year-round. Due to its mild weather, agriculture is very developed, and it is the largest producer in Mexico of berries, eggs, and milk. In recent decades it has also become a hub for manufacturing in Mexico and the high-tech industry. It has even been dubbed as Mexico’s Silicon Valley due to the number of tech businesses and clusters that have formed there, as well as and the large number of high-tech engineers graduating each year.

The Guadalajara Metropolitan Area (ZMG, by its acronym in Spanish) is one of the country’s most important areas for manufacturing Mexico. One of the main reasons for this is its excellent accessibility, including its proximity to the country’s most important seaport, Manzanillo. It is located only 155 miles away and is the main port for importing and exporting goods to and from Asia. Guadalajara’s airport, officially known as Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla Guadalajara International Airport, plays a vital role in accessibility, moving the most cargo volume in Mexico through its facilities. Another reason for the growth in manufacturing and various other industries, including the electronics and telecommunications, automotive, metal-mechanic, medical, electromedical, plastics, and textiles sectors, is its estimated 3.7 million economically-active citizens in the workforce.

International Companies in Mexico

These individuals have access to 13 world-class universities and the most job training centers in all of Mexico. Each year 15,000 engineers graduate from these institutions, with over 6,500 of them specializing in high-tech. In addition, its robust telecommunications infrastructure has also fostered significant growth, with some of the world’s largest high-tech companies, such as IBM, HP, Intel, Oracle, and Continental, calling it home.

Thanks to these and many other international companies in Mexico, the area ranks fourth in foreign direct investment. This investment comes mainly from the United States, German, Spain, Japan, India, and China. Its cultural richness and economic vitality also make it one of the most cosmopolitan areas in the country, offering a high quality of life to its citizens.

Manufacturing Mexico

The area is also home to Pisa Laboratories, a major company operating in the production of medical devices manufacturing Mexico. Other large companies based in Guadalajara in the automotive industry Mexico include Honda and Hella, as well as Jabil, Sanmina, Flex, and Foxconn, which are major players in electronic manufacturing Mexico. Due to this, the area has well-developed supply chains and processes in these industries, as well as the pharmaceutical sector, tooling and electronics, and software industries. Additionally, the furniture and jewelry sectors, call centers, BPO, and shared services, have a significant presence in the area.

Overall, the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area offers economic and business opportunities and a high quality of life for companies looking to start up in Mexico, especially in the high-tech sector. There is a broad offering of Mexico industrial real estate, with 60 industrial parks, 2 tech districts, 1 multimedia park, 3 technology parks, 1 software center, and 1 automotive park, in addition to a wide variety of corporate buildings and offices. It is a good idea for businesses looking to start up operations in Mexico to talk to a shelter services provider about the advantages the area can offer. 

By Marian Garibay | Guadalajara Regional Director | American Industries Group®
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