Why will manufacturing in Mexico be a competitive advantage for you?

Here are the TOP 10 reasons:

Why Mexico?
Manufacturing in Mexico allows for proximity to markets in the US, Mexico and Latin America.
Why Mexico?
Technical training support: high technology training centers.
Why Mexico?
Real-time communication with the North American market by manufacturing in Mexico.
Why Mexico?
Quality culture: ISO, AS, NADCAP and other international quality standards.
Why Mexico?
Skilled, available and affordable workforce for manufacturing in Mexico: up to 80% savings on labor costs.
Why Mexico?
Supply Chain Integration: mature supply base in key regions in Mexico.
Why Mexico?
Tax incentives for manufacturing in Mexico: no VAT.
Why Mexico?
Tariffs savings due to Mexico's Free Trade Agreements with 50 countries.
Why Mexico?
Well-developed "soft landing" culture to help international companies start up manufacturing in Mexico through fast-track, risk-free shelter programs.

Due to its macroeconomic and political stability, low inflation, size and strength of its domestic market, economic growth rate and capacity to produce advanced manufacturing (high-tech products).
Also, manufacturing in Mexico offers significant savings on labor costs when compared to other investment options in the Americas, Europe and Asia.
Mexico is also an open economy that guarantees access to international markets through a network of free trade agreements. The country boasts a strategic geographic location and competitive costs to service global markets, as well as a highly–skilled, young workforce.

Start manufacturing in Mexico!


Mexico has a 3,000 km border with the US, allowing companies manufacturing in Mexico to have low transportation costs to the North American market. There are 52 access points between the US and Mexico.
Mexico has a modern highway network that allows international companies manufacturing in Mexico to have efficient communication with seaports on the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
In summary, Mexico has:
  • 85 airports (26 domestic and 59 international airports)
  • 117 sea ports
  • 27,000 kilometers of railroads
  • More than 370 thousand kilometers of road


Why Mexico?Why Mexico?
Why Mexico?Why Mexico?
Why Mexico?Why Mexico?
Why Mexico?Why Mexico?
Why Mexico?Why Mexico?
Why Mexico?Why Mexico?


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