Shelter Services in Mexico

The easiest way to start up and operate as a foreign company in Mexico.

The Shelter Administrative Services is a comprehensive package of administrative services that, along with your manufacturing expertise, will provide your company with everything needed to establish a successful operation in Mexico.

Operating responsibilities:


  • Overseeing direct operations
  • Full control over production and quality
  • Ownership of raw materials, machinery and equipment
  • Purchasing of direct materials

American Industries®:

  • Legal entity and employer of record in Mexico
  • Compliance with all Mexican legal requirements
  • Expert administrative support for your operation
  • Solid IT platform (administrative software systems and communications data link)
  • Immediate access to IMMEX, IVA and OEA certifications
  • Maintains relationships with local business partners (unions, suppliers and government entities, among others)

Under American Industries' shelter services partnership, your company focuses on its core business: manufacturing/distribution while we manage the administrative and legal functions required for your business to succeed in Mexico.

Shelter Services:

  • Human Resources
  • Customs and Import / Export Administration
  • Duties Optimization
  • Accounting, Tax and Fiscal
  • Legal Compliance
  • Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety
  • Purchasing of Non-Production Goods and Services
  • Freight Forwarding and Warehousing Coordination
  • Expatriate Assistance
  • Networking with Organizations, Clusters and Governments
  • Site Selection
  • Ongoing Consulting Services (Labor, Customs, Fiscal and Environmental)

You can count on American Industries®' expertise to start and maintain a successful operation by avoiding unnecessary problems and costly mistakes, while maximizing savings as much as possible.

American Industries’ Shelter expertise allows our clients to start and maintain a successful operation by avoiding unnecessary problems and costly mistakes.

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