Mexico exceeded 31,600 million dollars of foreign direct investment in 2021

Published 03/10/2022
The figure is the product of the difference of 45,084.9 million dollars registered as inflows and 13,473.7 million dollars in outflows, the SE specified.

“The reported amounts only consider investments made and formally notified to the National Registry of Foreign Investments of the Ministry of Economy; hence its preliminary nature and the fact that it will undergo updates in successive quarters,” the agency specified.

“It is striking that in the first three quarters FDI inflows to Mexico totaled 24,813 million dollars. The data implies that in the last quarter of 2021, FDI inflows to Mexico were more than 20 billion dollars -44% of the annual total-, something incredibly high and disproportionate to what is normally observed in the last quarters of the year ”, says Gabriela Siller, director of economic-financial analysis at Banco Base.

By sectors, the statement details, manufacturing received 39.7% of foreign capital, followed by mining (15.5%), financial and insurance services (15%), transportation (8.8%) and temporary accommodation services (5.2%) .

The United States contributed almost half of the capital (47.5%); Spain and Canada complete the top three countries that invest the most in Mexico with 13.7% and 6.5%, respectively.

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Source: The LA News

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