Four railway companies to invest US$485 million in Mexico during 2018

Four railway companies established in Mexico will invest nearly US$ 485 million in 2018, for tasks of infrastructure improvement, rehabilitation and maintenance of the railway network.

One of them is Kansas City Southern (KCSM), which has a committed investment of US$ 110 million.

"A part will be focused on infrastructure and roads, rail equipment, some are leased, some are new acquisitions, mainly for the automotive industry and oil products," said Chief Operating Officer Oscar del Cueto during a railway industry summit the that took place in recent days.

In 2017, the company announced an investment of US$ 106 million, a figure that finally increased to US$ 175 million and was allocated to rolling stock, rails, infrastructure and business development.

Meanwhile, the director of Ferromex-Ferrosur Projects, Lorenzo Reyes Retana, mentioned that the company has planned a US$ 334.4 million investment this year.

Of that amount, 42.8% will go to cargo capacity, while 33.7% to infrastructure, 16% to equipment and 7% to corporate and commercial projects.

"We will continue with the construction of the Celaya and Monterrey bypasses, the construction of lanes, yards, terminals in general, double tracks and other projects," the executive said in the context of the rail transport forum.

Ferrovalle announced an US$ 8.3 million investment for infrastructure, technology and information. "The priority is that our roads are able to provide services," said Erich Wetzel, director of the company.

Likewise, Ferroitsmo reported that this year it will allocate US$ 33 million for improvements in its facilities.

Gustavo Baca, director of the railroad, said that this amount is part of the US$ 310.6 million considered for the rehabilitation of the infrastructure of the Chiapas and Mayab lines, within the National Infrastructure Program 2014-2018, of which only have been executed US$ 221.5 million. “The execution of the works during the aforementioned period represents a 66.17% advance of the original goal, which is to rehabilitate 433 kilometers and preserve 1,046 kilometers of track," Baca added.

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