BRP will produce the first electric motorcycles in Mexico

Published 10/20/2022

BRP laid the first stone of its new plant for the production of latest-generation electric Can-AM motorcycles and electric batteries, with an investment of more than 1,400 million pesos .

With the incorporation of this new production process, for which it will add 520 new jobs (for professionals and operatives), BRP Querétaro will become one of the company's most complex campuses globally, with five different business units and more than 4,000 collaborators, announced Mario Gebetshuber, director of the Queretaro plant.

The new complex, which will add more than 20,500 square meters , is built under LEED principles with sustainable materials in the vicinity of the Querétaro Industrial Park and is expected to start operations in March 2024.

According to Patrick Dussault, vice president and global manager of manufacturing and operations at BRP , the first two models in the full lineup are the Can-Am Origin and Can-Am Pulse , which will be available in mid-2024.

Sandy Scullion, president of BRP 's Powersports Group , said the company is committed to offering electric model options for each of its product lines by 2026.

“Our teams are hard at work and our electric vehicle journey is just beginning. We want to become the benchmark for electric recreational vehicles,” he said.

For Annie Paquet, vice president of human resources for BRP Mexico, “going electric is a natural part of the evolution of our business, but it also represents the understanding of BRP and the adoption of the commitment we have with our planet. We firmly believe that it is possible to maintain the excitement, pure freedom and pleasure that our current vehicles provide, but with an electric twist.”

BRP concentrates more than 70% of its workforce worldwide in Mexico, which is why it has a firm commitment to continue investing in its development, as its largest production region.

On his occasion, Graeme Clark, Canadian ambassador to Mexico, highlighted the milestone that this new plant under construction represents for BRP, given that it is the first electric vehicle that the Canadian company will manufacture.

"BRP is a world leader in the development of innovative recreational products and throughout this cycle has demonstrated Canada's leadership in this sector," he said.

With this, it also highlights the North American value proposition of being a leader in electric mobility, he added.

In this regard, in his speech, Iker Amílcar Jiménez Martínez, general director of Global Economic Impulse of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , recalled the Mexico-United States working group that was created last February for the Electrification of Transportation , an initiative of high level developed jointly by the Foreign Ministry and the University of California , a project that has the participation of leading actors in three sectors: government, industry and academia, both from Mexico and the United States and whose objective is to generate solutions to guarantee the coordinated transition to electromobility from a strategic perspective.

In this regard, he highlighted the milestone represented by the production of electric vehicle batteries by BRP , a firm that also participates in this initiative to move towards electromobility, and whose results will be released in the last two months of the year, as well as a road map to be presented during the climate summit known as COP27, in Egypt.

For his part, Marco Antonio del Prete Tercero, secretary of Sustainable Development of the state of Querétaro, added that part of the strategies promoted by the state government are two agendas, one economic and the other environmental, with which it seeks to decarbonize the Querétaro economy. and with which BRP contributes .

“We made a trajectory aligned not only with the Paris agreement, but with many policies of international companies established in Querétaro”, he explained.

Within the state development plan as a policy, he added, it seeks to reduce CO2 emissions by 2050 by 75%, that is, if 12 million tons are generated today , by 2050 the figure will be reduced to between three and four million. , being vehicle electrification one of the main aspects.

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