Bombardier to increase aerospace parts production in Mexico

Published 09/09/2022

Bombardier announced that it will maximize aerospace parts manufacturing operations at its facilities in Querétaro, Mexico. The decision positions the Aztec country as a strategic resource in its global projects, highlighting the highly qualified workforce and first class technological capabilities that exist in its facilities.

The Canadian manufacturer stated in a press release that Mexico has competitive advantages, considering its macroeconomic indicators, infrastructure and industrial experience, operational efficiency, the technical school system that supports the industry, the sustainability of the supply chain and the concentration of aerospace companies in the area.

The firm manufactures aeronautical components and complex systems for the Challenger and Global business jets in Querétaro, including the rear fuselage of the Global 7500, Bombardier’s current flagship aircraft. Components were also manufactured for the Learjet 85, the CRJ NextGen family and the Q400 NextGen.

«We are very pleased with the workforce Bombardier has in Mexico because they have been able to do quality work, which has made it possible to have high-end aircraft, such as the Global 7500,» emphasized Eric Martel, CEO of Bombardier.

Several organizations have boosted Mexico’s aerospace industry, including the Aeronautical University of Querétaro (UNCAQ), the Mexican Federation of the Aerospace Industry (FEMIA) and the Aerocluster of Querétaro (ACQ).

Bombardier was established in Mexico in 2006, has invested more than USD 500 million and employs 1,200 people. As part of its 80th anniversary, the company plans to deliver 120 aircraft worldwide by 2022.

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Source: Aviacionline

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