Airbus confirms expansion of its plant in Queretaro

Published 07/29/2022

The State of Querétaro and Airbus Helicopters signed a cooperation agreement to increase the industrial activities of the aerospace company in Mexico.

This cooperation agreement will provide Airbus with financial incentives to improve the industrial capacity of its manufacturing plant in Querétaro. This industrial expansion, which will create up to 200 new jobs , is to support the increased production of single-aisle aircraft doors.

Laurent Mazoué, Executive Vice President of Operations at Airbus Helicopters , commented that the company's supply chain has a solid and ambitious transformation plan to achieve the excellence expected by its local and global customers, which is why the manufacturing operations in Querétaro They are part of this journey.

“This agreement offers us the opportunity to upgrade our manufacturing facilities to optimize costs and maintenance, and maintain workload continuity to better serve our customers.”

The Airbus plant in Querétaro manufactures components and subassemblies for both helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, which are then delivered to final assembly lines in Europe. It was inaugurated in 2013 in the State of Querétaro, it is located in the Aerotech Industrial Park , where emergency exits and cargo and bulk doors are produced for single-aisle aircraft, as well as sub-assemblies for helicopter parts.

The Airbus Helicopters plant in this state employs more than 370 people and produces about 4,000 aircraft doors a year.

Airbus has been present in Mexico for 40 years and has a long-term commitment to the development of the aeronautical and aerospace industry in the country, with a base of more than 600 direct employees in its three divisions and generating more than 4,000 indirect jobs. and more than $400 million a year in supply chain purchases.

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