Guanajuato State is situated in Mexico’s geographic center, in the heart of the Bajío area that is home to a number of industrial cities and several of the world’s largest automotive OEMs. Its well-developed and mature supply chain ecosystem, logistics ease, and skilled and productive labor force are a few reasons it has been attractive to international companies in Mexico for over three decades. These business advantages have led to the area’s dynamic commercial and economic growth and the availability of a broad supplier base, especially in automotive manufacturing Mexico. Other well-developed sectors along the area known locally as the Guanajuato Industrial Corridor include leather and footwear products, agroindustry, and home appliances.

Automotive manufacturing Mexico

Guanajuato State’s modern transport infrastructure provides rapid access to ports on both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, the US border, and the industrial cities in the Bajío region. For companies manufacturing in Mexico there, goods can arrive by land transport to the US border in as little as 10 hours or to the country’s largest seaports of Manzanillo or Lazaro Cardenas on the Pacific Ocean, or Veracruz on the Atlantic in around 9 hours. The state also has established multimodal facilities for international trade and two rail routes crossing through the state: Kansas City Southern and Ferromex, customs buildings, and inland ports. These logistical advantages cut shipping times and increase supply chain agility and resilience, giving companies a competitive advantage.

More than 300 tier 1 and 2 automotive suppliers and one of the largest automotive clusters in America leverage these logistical advantages, resulting in its well-developed industrial processes ecosystem and local cross-sectional supply network. This robust supply chain infrastructure means that most supply processes required for industry are located in the state, promoting the region’s overall growth. Some of these processes include metal stamping, plastic and rubber injection, rubber extrusion, die casting, plastic molding, machining, assembly, harnesses, painting, and engineering.

Manufacturing in Mexico

In addition to logistics and supply chain advantages, the state also offers some of the most high-quality, skilled, and productive human capital in the world.  A wide range of technical training institutions and universities are located there, with over 5,000 engineers graduating each year. A Canadian-based company with more than 35 facilities worldwide recently earned the prestigious distinction of GM Supplier of the Year for the outstanding productivity at its Guanajuato plant.

The high-quality and availability of human talent has attracted six of the most important automotive OEMs to  Guanajuato State, including GM, Mazda, Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Ford.

The State of Guanajuato is situated in the Bajío, a highly dynamic area both nationally and internationally, having been rated as one of the globe’s top three regions with the most logistics potential. The diverse educational offerings found in the four states comprising the Bajío region have made it a leader in industry 4.0 and a hub for international companies in Latin America, with 4,000 multinational companies from 80 different countries established there.

The State of Guanajuato is an industrial gem and one of the country’s top destinations for cultural and business tourism. It is home to six charming colonial towns and hosts various trade shows, expos, and international events. The state is also home to American Industry Group’s central Shelter services offices in Silao, an inventory building in the Colinas de Silao industrial park, and the León ParqueSur Industrial Park, which has a developed area of 20 hectares and an 84,000 square foot inventory warehouse.

For companies looking to start up operations in Mexico, Guanajuato State is an excellent option for nearshore or offshore manufacturing in Mexico due to its well-developed supply chain, infrastructure, and highly-productive workforce.

By Natalia Ledesma | Guanajuato Business Development | American Industries Group®
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