Business Productivity Tips: Track, Prioritize, and Delegate

By Isaías Rivera | Mkt & Business Development Director at American Industries Group®
Published 03/22/2022
In today’s world filled with distractions and endless to-do lists, at American Industries, we understand that your most precious asset is time. As such, for companies looking to start up business in Mexico, one of the main goals of our administrative shelter services is to save you time—as well as money and headaches—by taking care of a host of tasks that are outside of your area of expertise. Knowing when to delegate tasks is one of the key steps in developing a strategy to actively manage your time and help you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

With this in mind, we are sharing some time management tips to help you manage this valuable asset more effectively.

Start by tracking your time

To create a time management plan that works for you, it is essential to be aware of what you are currently spending your time on. Many of us tend to rush through our days, jumping from one task to another, constantly “putting out fires” without being conscious of how we are where our time goes. To do this, start by tracking the time you spend on different activities and tasks. You can do this manually or by using one of the many time tracking programs or apps available. You can then use this information to look for patterns in how you spend your time, identify the times of day you are more productive, and be more realistic about how long specific tasks take.

Manufacturing in Mexico

Set goals and prioritize

After seeing how you spend your time, sit down and write a list of your goals and priorities. What are your most important goals now and for the future? Decide if you are using your time in a way that reflects these by comparing your list of priorities and goals with the way you spend your time. Often, going through this process reveals that we are not dedicating our time to activities that are getting us closer to our goals. Instead, we are constantly carried away by urgent tasks and unimportant distractions.

For companies with the goal of setting up nearshore or offshore manufacturing in Mexico to lower costs, become more agile, and improve logistics processes, among other benefits, the number of tasks and activities this implies can be overwhelming. It is easy to get lost in the sheer number of decisions to be made and new processes to learn, making it key to have a system to make the best use of your time.

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Classify and delegate

After identifying your priorities, next make a list of all the activities and tasks you need to get done in a day, week, month, or even year. Once you have a list, now you can start to schedule time for each of these. Various time management apps and calendar tools can help us allocate our time, yet this list can still be overwhelming. If you are like many of us and feel that you don’t have enough hours in the day for all the activities you need to do, a helpful strategy for prioritizing is Eisenhower’s important vs. important matrix.

By classifying each task as urgent and important, not urgent and important, not important and urgent, or not urgent and not important, you can schedule time for urgent and non-important tasks, know when to delegate important and non-urgent tasks, and free up time by eliminating non-important and non-urgent tasks.

The Urgent vs Important Matrix

Using these strategies will help give you more clarity and make the best use of your time and resources. In addition, having trusted partners like American Industries to delegate tasks to that are outside of your zone of expertise frees up time and money so you can focus on what you do best in your business, including activities like production, quality, timely delivery, and customer service, among other things, while our expert team to takes care of the rest. If you would like to see how we can support your business in setting up operations in Mexico through our administrative shelter services to help you better manage your time, reach out today and schedule a call to talk with our business development manager.

Isaías Rivera

Mkt & Business Development Director

American Industries Group®

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