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By Alejandro Lara Cruz | Co-Chairman of the Board at American Industries Group®
Published 01/24/2024

Mexico's manufacturing industry has emerged as a beacon of opportunity for global companies, driven by its significant upswing in foreign direct investment and expanding talent pool in 2023. This article explores the thriving Mexican manufacturing landscape, highlighting key regions and sectors that are defining the future of global manufacturing excellence.

In recent years, the global manufacturing landscape has faced many challenges, from rising operational costs and supply chain disruptions to a pressing need for agile and cost-effective production solutions. Navigating these complexities requires strategic decision-making, particularly when considering the location and management of manufacturing operations. Enter Mexico—a burgeoning hub for the manufacturing industry.

As of 2023, Mexico has emerged as a standout choice for manufacturing companies worldwide, evidenced by compelling key performance indicators (KPIs). With a significant increase in foreign direct investment in 2023 and advancements in employment availability and industrial real estate, Mexico is not just a viable alternative; it's a thriving epicenter for manufacturing excellence.

This surge in goods made in Mexico is underpinned by a unique combination of factors, including a robust labor pool, cost-effective operational opportunities, and an ever-expanding industrial infrastructure, making it an irresistible proposition for any manufacturing company aiming to enhance its global competitiveness.

Harnessing Mexico's Growth in Manufacturing & Human Talent to Propel Your Manufacturing Company

2023 has marked a remarkable upswing in Mexico’s manufacturing industry, as evidenced by its impressive Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) figures. The most recent data from the end of the 3rd quarter of 2023 shows that the nation has witnessed a significant increase in FDI over the previous year.

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This surge is not merely about new investments, which constitute 9% of the influx, but more significantly, about the reinvestment of profits, accounting for a substantial 75% of the FDI. This reinvestment trend is a robust indicator of the successful operations and expansions of existing multinational corporations in Mexico. Companies are not just entering the Mexican market; they are flourishing and choosing to reinvest, a clear testament to the country's favorable manufacturing environment.

One of Mexico's most significant assets in its manufacturing ascendancy is its extensive, skilled labor force. The country boasts an employment pool of 5 million people, with 4.2% of its economically active population readily available for work. This talent availability is further highlighted in the IMMEX program, a government initiative promoting export-oriented manufacturing industries.

From January to September 2023, 42 new IMMEX companies were established, and the program has seen over 3 million people employed under its umbrella since its inception. These figures underscore the vast and growing workforce and Mexico's commitment to fostering employment opportunities in line with manufacturing growth.

Industrial Real Estate Development

Accompanying the rise in FDI and employment is the significant expansion in Mexico's industrial real estate. As of October 2023, the country boasts over 1.2 billion square feet of industrial space. This includes over 35 million square feet of absorption from January to October in over 180 buildings and an impressive 20 million square feet of available space. Even more remarkable is the 57 million square feet currently under construction, of which 57% are speculative construction and 43% are build-to-suit projects. This expansion reflects a market responding dynamically to the growing needs of the manufacturing sector, offering ample, flexible, and cost-effective solutions for businesses looking to establish or expand their operations.

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Revolutionizing the Manufacturing Industry: Sectoral Insights from Mexico's Landscape

Mexico’s manufacturing industry is currently experiencing a significant renaissance, becoming a globally recognized magnet for businesses. This resurgence is not limited to traditional manufacturing; it extends to burgeoning fields like e-commerce and logistics, adapting to the demands of the digital era and capitalizing on the robust growth of online commerce. The synergy between these industries in Mexico creates a dynamic ecosystem where each sector supports and enhances the others, leading to unprecedented operational efficiency and market reach.

Specific sectors are driving this growth narrative, notably:

  1. Automotive and E-Mobility: Mexico is increasingly seen as a global hub for vehicles and electric vehicle components, integrating advanced manufacturing processes.
  2. Electronics: Benefiting from a skilled workforce, this sector contributes significantly to producing high-quality Mexico products.
  3. Medical Devices and Furniture Manufacturing: These sectors have shown significant growth, leveraging Mexico’s competitive labor costs and manufacturing expertise.

The symbiotic relationship between these dynamic sectors and Mexico’s growth in the manufacturing industry creates a virtuous cycle. Each sector’s advancement contributes to the overall health of the broader ecosystem, attracting more investment and talent. This cycle of growth and innovation positions Mexico not just as a manufacturing hub but as a cradle of industrial innovation and excellence.

Facilitating Success: American Industries' Administrative Support Services in Mexico's Manufacturing Landscape

At American Industries, we've positioned ourselves as a critical facilitator for the successful establishment and growth of Mexico manufacturing companies. Our shelter program and industrial real estate services are pivotal in guiding global companies through setting up operations in Mexico. Tailoring our services to meet each client's unique needs, we specialize in providing comprehensive administrative support services, ensuring a seamless transition into the Mexican manufacturing landscape.

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Our approach is rooted in problem-solving, leveraging our expertise, and maintaining a client-centric focus. This strategy allows us to effectively address various challenges, including navigating local regulations, understanding cultural nuances, and setting up efficient manufacturing operations. Through our shelter partnership, we simplify and streamline the process for international companies, making establishing a robust manufacturing presence in Mexico easier.

Beyond initial setup assistance, American Industries offers ongoing support in key areas such as HR, accounting, customs, logistics, environmental health and safety, and payroll management. This all-encompassing support system enables companies to concentrate on their core manufacturing tasks while we handle the administrative complexities. Our services make a strong case for Mexico as the preferred manufacturing destination over other countries like China, offering a blend of efficiency, expertise, and ease of operation.

Key Regions for Investment

When exploring the most strategic locations for manufacturing operations in Mexico, several regions stand out for their distinctive advantages. Nuevo León, Chihuahua, Jalisco, Guanajuato, and Querétaro are at the forefront, each offering unique benefits to investors:

- Nuevo Leon: Known for its robust industrial base, particularly in automotive and home appliance manufacturing. Its proximity to the US border and robust infrastructure makes it an ideal hub for export-oriented businesses.

- Chihuahua: Offers a skilled labor force and is renowned as a center for high-tech manufacturing, especially in the electronics and aerospace sectors.

- Jalisco: Recognized for its technological innovation, Jalisco is emerging as a hub for software development and electronics manufacturing.

- Guanajuato: A very important region for the automotive sector, Guanajuato is home to several major international automotive companies. Its strategic location in central Mexico and developing infrastructure make it a prime spot for manufacturing and logistics operations.

- Queretaro: Renowned for its strong aerospace industry presence, advanced manufacturing facilities, and well-educated workforce. Querétaro is also a leader in machinery and equipment production, contributing to its status as a key investment destination.

Each region, with its diverse manufacturing industries and dynamic business environments, presents lucrative opportunities for companies seeking to capitalize on Mexico's manufacturing strengths.

Mexico’s ascent as a manufacturing powerhouse offers immense potential for any manufacturing company seeking to enhance its global competitiveness. The country's thriving industries, dynamic sectors, and strategic regions create an environment ripe for investment and growth. In this landscape, American Industries stands out as a critical enabler for businesses looking to capitalize on these opportunities. With nearly five decades of experience and a deep understanding of the Mexican manufacturing scene, American Industries is perfectly positioned to guide companies in maximizing the advantages that Mexico offers.

For companies ready to explore the vibrant manufacturing opportunities in Mexico, American Industries offers a starting point. We invite you to contact us for a complimentary business case analysis. Discover how your company can benefit from the flourishing manufacturing sectors in Mexico and how American Industries can facilitate your successful entry and expansion in this promising market. Embark on your journey to manufacturing success with American Industries—your trusted partner in Mexico.

Alejandro Lara Cruz

Co-Chairman of the Board

American Industries Group®

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