Business Solutions: Facilitating Seamless Operations in Mexico

By Alma R. Ortega López | Business Development at American Industries Group®
Published 04/17/2024

In the context of international manufacturing expansion, the term “business solutions” refers to strategic services and support designed to simplify the process of establishing and managing operations abroad. American Industries is a key partner in Mexico for these services, offering real estate and administrative shelter solutions for businesses navigating foreign investment and setting up manufacturing enterprises across diverse industries.

Since 1976, we have facilitated this transition for more than 300 manufacturers, expanding into the Mexican market. By handling essential administrative tasks, we alleviate the burden on our clients, allowing them to focus on their core business activities. Our support is designed to simplify internationalization, manage cultural adaptation, eliminate regulatory barriers, and optimize operational costs—common challenges for companies new to the Mexican business environment.

Additional challenges include unfamiliarity with local business laws and the complexities of site selection and cost management in a foreign economy. We address these by providing a robust administrative framework that supports businesses through every step of their expansion journey. This structured approach simplifies the setup process and significantly reduces the potential for legal and financial missteps, making it an invaluable business solution for manufacturers looking to establish a foothold in Mexico.

Navigating Market Entry with Comprehensive Administrative Services

Understanding the concept of shelter services is fundamental for businesses considering expansion into the Mexican market. Shelter services are a form of administrative support designed to simplify the process of establishing and operating a manufacturing company in Mexico. At American Industries, our administrative program provides a solid foundation for long-term success for international companies.

The advantages of working under our administrative program are clear: businesses can significantly minimize legal risks and expedite market entry. This is achieved through our adept handling of all the necessary documentation and regulatory requirements, ensuring that companies fully comply with all laws and regulations from day one. Our support extends beyond compliance, encompassing every aspect of business setup and ongoing operations.

Moreover, our services allow companies to fully leverage Mexico’s advantages. The country’s geographic proximity to major North American markets streamlines logistics, enabling businesses to operate more efficiently and at a reduced cost. Mexico's legal frameworks are robust yet business-friendly, providing a secure environment for foreign investment. The comprehensive administrative services offered by shelter programs like ours ensure businesses can turn Mexico’s ideal location and legal fortitude into operational success and profitability.

labor management

Integral Administrative Solutions by American Industries

Our comprehensive suite of services is meticulously crafted to address every facet of labor management and administrative necessities crucial for companies establishing a presence in Mexico. Our expertise in managing a robust labor force and ensuring adherence to stringent legal requirements is the backbone of our clients' operational excellence and compliance. Our range of services includes:

- Human Resources: Our team excels in sourcing and integrating the best talent, managing competitive compensation packages, and implementing employee retention strategies. We also ensure a safe working environment in accordance with OSHA guidelines and provide infirmary coordination, all fundamental to maintaining a productive labor force.

administrative support

- Customs and Import/Export: We navigate the IMMEX program with precision, handling record-keeping, customs brokerage coordination, and optimizing import duties. We ensure efficient transfer mechanisms between companies and strict customs compliance, supported by key certifications like OEA/C-TPAT and VAT (AAA).

- Accounting and Fiscal Compliance: We take care of all client tax obligations, offering general accounting services, managing profit sharing, controlling fixed assets, generating financial reports, and overseeing external audits to uphold fiscal compliance.

- Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety: Our proactive approach includes compliance support with environmental regulations, obtaining necessary permits and licenses, staying current with legal requirements, implementing control procedures, and representing clients during government inspections.

- Purchasing and Warehousing: Access to our online purchasing module, engagement with vetted suppliers for non-production goods and services, management of quotations and contracts.

- Expatriate Assistance: We facilitate the transition for expatriates through comprehensive support, including immigration permits, income tax, payroll management, importation of household goods, and local logistics.

- Strategic Networking: Our established connections with private sector entities, government agencies, and educational institutions open doors to invaluable partnerships and foster a strong network for our clients.

- Site Selection: We provide a modern and thorough site selection process, offering vital information, fast-tracking permits, and economic development incentives to ensure companies find the ideal location in Mexico.

Each aspect is a piece of the seamless operations puzzle, guaranteeing that our clients can focus on their primary business activities while we handle the complexities of establishing and thriving in the Mexican market. With American Industries, you harness the strategic advantages of Mexico's workforce and business environment, propelling your company toward international success.

The Strategic Value of Shelter Services

Deciding on the best option for setting up operations in Mexico requires weighing the benefits of a shelter program against other legal frameworks. Opting for the shelter services provided by American Industries offers a comprehensive suite of administrative support pivotal for seamless compliance and heightened operational efficiency. Some of the advantages include:

- Effortless Compliance: Our shelter services navigate the complexities of Mexican regulations with ease, unlike independent setups that often face steep learning curves and risks in adapting to local business culture and legalities.

- Operational Efficiency: We streamline processes and reduce high exposure to risk and liabilities, including labor, fiscal, customs, and operational permits in standalone operations.

- Cost-Effectiveness: Our shelter program can significantly reduce expenses compared to the legal and administrative setup costs associated with stand-alone operations.

- Quick Market Entry: Utilize our ready-to-go shelter programs to drastically reduce the time it takes to begin operations, avoiding the delays that come with the necessity of setting up new supply chains, hiring personnel, or training teams in acquired companies.

The advantages of a shelter partnership with American Industries offer more than just immediate benefits. Our relationship promises sustained access to:

- Expertise: Unlike joint ventures that can involve complex shared control and the risk of shared intellectual property, our program offers the advantage of drawing from our profound understanding of local business practices and legal requirements.

- Networks: We connect you with a vetted network of suppliers and strategic partners, bypassing the challenges of establishing new relationships or managing the complexities of shared ventures.

- Support: Continuous administrative support ensures your business is agile and can quickly adapt to changing market conditions and regulations, unlike contract manufacturing options that offer low control over production and high risk to intellectual property.

administrative services

By entering into a shelter partnership with American Industries, companies establish an operational base and secure an ally dedicated to providing a stable and growth-oriented foundation for success in Mexico. Our shelter services represent more than just a launchpad; they are a comprehensive support system for future-proofing your international business endeavors.

Cementing International Success with American Industries' Shelter Services

Mexico's strategic advantages continue to become increasingly appealing, further fueling the nearshoring trend. American Industries is at the forefront of this trend, ready to facilitate the entry of more international manufacturers into this vibrant economy. Our commitment is to start you off on the right foot and walk alongside you as a partner committed to your long-term growth and adaptation in an evolving market.

American Industries is your ally for companies ready to explore the potential of Mexico's manufacturing landscape. We invite you to discover how our shelter services can transform your operational capabilities and fortify your international presence. Reach out to us and take the next step towards securing a prosperous future in Mexico.

Alma R. Ortega López

Business Development

American Industries Group®

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