American Industries’ Shelter expertise allows our clients to start and maintain a successful operation by avoiding unnecessary problems and costly mistakes.


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Shelter Administrative Services in Mexico

The easiest way to start up and operate as a foreign company in Mexico.

Under American Industries' Shelter Administrative Services partnership, your company focuses on its core business: manufacturing/distribution while we manage the administrative and legal functions required for your business to succeed in Mexico.

When American Industries® is the ideal partner?

  • You want a quick start-up in Mexico with low risk and liabilities.
  • You want to rely on an experienced partner on local administrative challenges and operation: HR, Logistics, Accounting/tax, etc.
  • You want a partner that has established robust processes, systems and experienced personnel to streamline your start-up and ramp-up process.
  • You want a comprehensive administrative service provider.
  • You want to leverage from an established local network.

Shelter Administrative Services:

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