Navigating Site Selection: A Strategic Approach

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7-Steps of a Successful Site Selection Process

Our strategic site selection process ensures foreign companies identify the most suitable location for their specific operation. The process starts by carrying out a comprehensive analysis of the company’s needs and creating a filtering model aligned with this selection criteria. We consider factors such as market demand, infrastructure, labor force, proximity to suppliers and customers, regulatory environment, demographics, and cost and logistics considerations, among many others. Our meticulous site selection process ensures foreign companies can pinpoint the optimal location that is aligned with their unique needs, minimizing risks and maximizing opportunities for success in Mexico. At American Industries, we strive to make the journey of finding the ideal location for sustainable growth as smooth as possible.


• Learn how to assemble the ideal project team for site selection

• Understand the crucial logistical and economic criteria for choosing the right site

• Identify potential locations aligned with your project’s needs

• Carry out detailed analyses to narrow down your choices

• Conduct on-site due diligence to finalize your decision

• Learn negotiation strategies for the best terms and incentives

• Get tips on effectively planning and executing site build-out

Find the optimal location for your manufacturing operation in Mexico.
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