The Consulate of Mexico in Detroit, along with American Industries Group, AV&M Attorneys and Counselors, BASE Bank, Miller Canfield's Corporate Group, Blú Capital, Citius AG, and WIPFLI, invites you to a seminar where you will learn from the experts: insights, trends, opportunities, costs, guidance, among others.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Business Operations with Strategic Insights into Mexico’s Nearshoring Advantages

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Explore key benefits and effective strategies for nearshoring to Mexico.

Connect with industry leaders and gain exclusive insights on June 6, 2024 at 8:00 AM at the Fort Pontchartrain Hotel by Wyndham in Detroit, Michigan.

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Soft landing | Shelter Administrative Services

We're ready to explore how American Industries' soft landing solutions can streamline and optimize your manufacturing operations with nearshoring in Mexico.

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Seminar highlights | At this event, you will learn:

Strategic Investment Opportunities in Mexico
Discover the strategic advantages of investing in Mexico's thriving economy. Roberto Nicolás-Vázquez, Consul of Mexico, will present opportunities for lucrative investments.
Insights on Navigating the Legal Landscape
Gain invaluable insights from Richard Walawender, lead attorney at Miller Canfield's Corporate Group, on crucial legal considerations when conducting business in Mexico. Learn how to ensure smooth and legally compliant operations.
Strategies for Launching Your Business in Mexico
Ana Paulina González-Reyes, Director of American Industries Group, will discuss startup costs, shelter services, and the soft-landing process in Mexico, empowering you to initiate and establish your business seamlessly.
Company Incorporation Essentials
Eduardo Arizpe Fematt and Miguel A. Valdés, founding partners of AV&M, Attorneys and Advisors, will provide expert guidance on the steps and legal aspects involved in incorporating Mexican companies. This session will equip you with the knowledge to establish a strong corporate presence.
Understanding Mexico’s Financial Landscape
Demystify Mexico’s banking, corporate real estate, financing, and taxation systems in Mexico with industry experts. This session will help you to gain a thorough understanding of the financial ecosystem.
Networking and Experience Sharing
Engage in interactive networking sessions during lunch, where you can learn from companies that have successfully expanded their operations into Mexico. These sessions are designed to offer valuable insights among peers and foster meaningful connections and partnerships.

List of Speakers

Roberto Nicolás-Vázquez
Consul of Mexico
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Richard A. Walawender
Lead attorney at Miller Canfield's Corporate Group
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Ana Paulina González-Reyes
Regional Director at American Industries Group
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Eduardo Arizpe Fematt
Founding Partner, AV&M Attorneys and Counselors
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Miguel A. Valdés
Founding Partner, AV&M Attorneys and Counselors
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Daniela Pineda-Ramos
International Business Development Leader, BASE Bank
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Nicole Huiban
International Business Development, European Desk Director, Citius AG
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Tim Finerty
Senior Manager, WIPFLI
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Gabriela Alvídrez
Chief Operating Officer at Blú Capital
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Registration/Continental Breakfast
Opening remarks and welcoming
Session: Reasons to Invest in México
Roberto Nicolás-Vázquez, Consul of Mexico
Session: Startup cost and Shelter services in Mexico/ Soft-landing in Mexico/ -How to start up and manufacture in Mexico
Ana Paulina Gónzalez-Reyes, Director American Industries Group
US Considerations when doing business in Mexico
Richard Walawender, Lead attorney at Miller Canfield's Corporate Group
Session: Incorporation of Mexican companies
Eduardo Arizpe Fematt & Miguel A. Valdés, founding partners AV&M, Attorneys and Counselors.
Coffee break
Session: Banking in Mexico
Daniela Pineda-Ramos, International Business Development Leader, BASE Bank
Session: Corporate Real Estate Market in Mexico 
Nicole Huiban, International Business Development, European Desk Director, Citius AG 
Session: Financing for Business 
Gabriela Alvídrez, Chief Operating Officer at Blú Capital 
Session: Taxes in Mexico 
Tim Finerty, Senior Manager WIPFLI 
Lunch and networking, share experiences from other companies that have expanded operations into Mexico.

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