September 2, 2021

Ophthalmic Company Transforms Vision for Customers with Products Manufactured in Ciudad Juarez

Since 1932, Beaver Visitec, Inc. has been a market leader in the production of ophthalmic products and today is one of the fastest-growing and diversified businesses […]
August 26, 2021

INDUSTRIAL PARKS IN MEXICO History and Best Practices Based on Certifications

At the end of the Second World War (WWII), the United States and Mexican governments signed a bilateral agreement known as the Bracero Program. The program […]
August 26, 2021

UK-Mexico Trade Agreement Paves the Way for Future Negotiations

On June 23, 2016, voters of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland approved a referendum to withdraw from the European Union. The far-reaching […]
July 26, 2021

Canopies Manufacturer finds a Safe Haven in Guadalajara, Mexico

Established in 1982, Performance Designs is a canopy manufacturer with operations in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Though it currently is an international company with operations in the US, […]
July 19, 2021

Ciudad Juarez preparing for the Future investing in World-Class Innovation Centers

With the arrival of the first maquila companies to Ciudad Juarez in the 1960s, the city quickly went from a border town famous for its nightlife, […]
July 12, 2021

Ciudad Juarez: Mexico’s Binational and Bicultural Heart of Industry

As one of the most important border towns in the world, Ciudad Juarez, located in Mexico’s largest state of Chihuahua, is known for manufacturing, exporting, and […]
July 5, 2021

US Companies can Mitigate Labor Shortages by Nearshore Manufacturing in Mexico

With activities beginning to return to normal across many cities in the United States, a sector of the economy experiencing a boom in demand—manufacturing—is facing a […]
June 28, 2021

My Home is Your Home: Chinese Furniture Manufacturer Expands To Monterrey

When the leadership of KUKA, a Chinese upholstery and furniture manufacturer, made the strategic decision to set up operations in Mexico to be closer to its […]