Though some may view resilience as an inherent quality—and likely one many of us didn’t give much thought to prior last year, it has come front and center for both individuals and organizations as we move forward into 2021. Having the ability to adapt in the face of challenges and unexpected events—which abounded in 2020 on many different levels and different ways—is a task we have all been charged with. We have found that resilience and thinking outside the box are skills that can be developed through practice and are not just magical qualities only a few possess.

The Oxford Dictionary defines resilience as “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.” We have all been required to draw upon and build our resilience in ways we didn’t imagine were possible as we navigate the personal and organizational transformations in society and at international companies in Mexico and across the globe. The result is that we are stronger than we think.

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Moving forward, we must all accept that the only constant will be change, and that as we work towards creating a new and better normal, we must start with ourselves. We must develop new strategies for unprecedented situations, as our old tools no longer serve us. We must each drive this change from the inside out, and from the bottom up in our organizations. Accepting that we are not the same as we were is the first step in creating our toolkit for success in 2021 and beyond.

Building resilience requires we take a long, hard look at ourselves. We must assess our strengths and weaknesses and be very honest about our priorities and needs. Developing a self-care practice and expanding our self-knowledge allows us to feel more confident in ourselves and our decisions. This self knowledge—of your values, priorities, and purpose—means you will be less likely to be defeated by adverse circumstances. Seeing the big picture, finding innovative solutions, and having a clear personal and professional why ensures a solid foundation from which we can adapt and remain on the cutting edge in our fields.

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Last year forced us all to slow down and gave us the space to figure out what it is that makes us tick. We forged new and unexpected relationships and found connection in unexpected places. Though our loved ones were physically distant, they were more present than ever. Having a support network in our work and personal lives also helps us to develop resilience. When we know we are not alone, we can endure and find opportunities to change and grow together.

All of this work on an individual level, and in our leaders, has sparked a greater change in our businesses and society. Despite our individual and collective hardships, there is always hope for a better future and each of us has found a silver lining in adversity. Building and developing the skill of resilience will help to counteract the fragility that was revealed in many of our systems, companies and supply chains in the long term. Here’s to continued growth, adapting, and thinking outside the box in 2021!

By Isaías Rivera | Mkt & Business Development Director | American Industries Group®
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