On November 13, a ground-breaking collaboration agreement was signed between the Mexican Federation of Aerospace Industries (FEMIA) and the Mexican Space Agency (AEM). According to the Secretary of Communications and Transport (SCT), Jorge Arganis Díaz, the goal of the agreement is to promote the development of the aerospace industry in Mexico, create jobs and make Mexico a key player in the sector. The agreement is focused on ensuring the sustainable development of this industry with projects related to earth observation, telecommunications, and science and space technology.

The agreement is also especially exciting for American Industries, which has formed part of FEMIA since its beginnings. American Industries’ president, Luis Lara Armendariz, has championed and supported FEMIA throughout the years and this historic event reflects the organization’s efforts and progress made over the years. This is also an excellent opportunity to expand aerospace manufacturing Mexico and gain part of the US $12.5 billion market share represented by satellite construction alone.

Aerospace manufacturing Mexico

American Industries would also like congratulate René Espinosa Terrazas, the new president of FEMIA, who at the signing expressed that, “The challenges we have faced this year have made us look for new opportunities and horizons, and space is one of them,” Adding that, “With the signing of this agreement today between FEMIA and the AEM, we are witnessing the start of a new stage of development in the space industry in Mexico.”

Mr. Espinoza also highlighted that this is an opportunity to replicate FEMIA’s successful efforts over the past 13 years since its founding to build and strengthen industry and manufacturing in Mexico in this sector. The goal now is for the country to become 12th in the global aeronautical sector and make it an important reference for national and international aerospace companies. In addition to many other factors, such as the recent signing of the USMCA, this agreement makes the country even more attractive for companies looking to expand or start up operations in Mexico.

Manufacturing in Mexico

The first two projects to be carried out under the agreement are launching the AztechSat 2 constellation and the Air Center Mission. The AztechSat 2 constellation is a small aircraft designed and built by students in Mexico that will demonstrate satellite-to-satellite communications for applications in space and on Earth, contributing valuable information to developers of small satellites called CubeStats. This is the first joint project between NASA and the AEM. The Air Center Mission is a collaborative project with Atlantic International Research Center, representing an international effort to research the Atlantic Ocean.

After decades of investing in its human capital and infrastructure, Mexico is gaining momentum in various industries from automotive to medical devices manufacturing Mexico. This agreement comes at a perfect time to provide a boost to academia, government and industry in the space and aerospace fields, ensure that Mexico forms part of the future of space, and assumes an essential role in the development of emerging technologies that will serve Mexico and the international community.

By Alma Rosa Ortega López | Institutional Relations | American Industries Group®
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