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Home Appliances Industry in Mexico

The home appliances industry is a strength for Mexico, which is among the principal home appliance exporters in the world with levels similar to England’s and Japan’s.


Currently Mexico is the principal supplier for the home appliance industry of the U. S., Canada and Central America due to the large network of qualified suppliers in plastic materials production, thermodynamic processes and metal stamping, among others. (source:

Mexico is one of the world's leading suppliers of household appliances. In 2014, exports were 6.971 billion dollars, ranking the country as 5th globally.

The same year, Mexico recorded a 4.848 billion dollar surplus in the household appliance trade, exporting mainly refrigerators, 10 kg or less washing machines, gas stoves and water heaters. The country was the largest exporter of two-door refrigerator-freezers worldwide.


Attraction of Foreign Direct Investment

Figures published by the Secretariat of Economy show that between 2005 and 2014, accumulated foreign investment in the household appliance industry was 1.499 billion dollars.

In 2014 alone, foreign investment in this industry reached 59 million dollars.


Companies Established in Mexico

According to INEGI, there are 61 economic units in Mexico related to the industry, employing close to 63,936 people. The states with the largest production are the Nuevo León, Guanajuato, San Luis Potosí and Querétaro.


The main household appliance transnationals established in Mexico are: Electrolux (Sweden), General Electric (US), Koblenz (Mexico), LG (South Korea), Mabe (Mexico), Samsung (South Korea) y Whirlpool (US).


Strengths of the Industry in Mexico

•Talent. According to the National Association of Universities and Higher Education Institutions information, annually 110 thousand students of engineering, manufacturing and construction graduated from Mexican institutions. From UNESCO's 2012 data, Mexico had 26% more graduates per capita of such programs than in the United States.

•Competitive Costs. In a study by KPMG, Mexico stands out as the country in the Americas with the lowest operation costs for household appliance manufacturing.


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