What would integrity and commitment in a business partner mean for your project in Mexico?


To find a STRATEGIC BUSINESS PARTNER in Mexico, especially one with the drive, commitment and integrity to make your manufacturing project happen is not an easy task.


Through its 36+ years of being a solution provider for international companies establishing manufacturing operations in Mexico, American Industries Group has always shown a clear and straight forward commitment to its clients, employees, partners, suppliers, authorities and the community.


This commitment is best outlined with the following Philosophy:

Total Commitment to our CLIENTS.


International companies will always find a CAN DO ATTITUDE to satisfy their offshoring needs in Mexico.


The values that guide our philosophy, conduct code and every-day actions to best satisfy our clients are:


Integrity: sense of doing “what is right” in every process and action we take. We are always transparent, fully compliant and responsible for our own actions.


Honesty: we honor and hold true to our word and commitment in every single engagement with our clients, partners, employees, suppliers, government and community.


Trustworthiness: we are a dependable team and strategic partner for international companies investing in Mexico.


Leadership: sense of guiding our human resources in Mexico to get things done right and on time by setting the best practices and standards needed by the manufacturing industry and our community.


Service: we hold a CLIENT CENTERED culture to satisfy and meet their needs and requirements in the best way we can.


Quality: sense of doing things right at the first time and a continuous improvement commitment on competitiveness and performance delivering world class results.


Teamwork: not only do we have a “whole picture view” at every level of our organization that allows us to fulfill our take in the process to achieve total customer satisfaction, but also we have a well connected network with manufacturing suppliers, government authorities at every level and department, union leaders, industrial association leaders, among other key elements that together as a TEAM bring solutions for manufacturing companies in Mexico.


Social Responsibility: we actively and voluntarily contribute to improve the standards of living of the communities where we are involved with social, economical and environmental support programs.


Success: constant results delivered to our international clients operating in Mexico by our organization that are the sum of thousands of individual tasks and goals performed with accuracy and talent.


Loyalty: deep sense of belonging that grows within our employees, partners and suppliers due to the strong social and economic commitment as well as the constant level of success.


Pride: great feeling of USEFULNESS due to an ADDED VALUE culture that helps manufacturing companies in Mexico to improve their bottom line and the communities where they chose to get established quality of life.


Self realization: Sense of constant achievement and satisfaction that our organization feels due to the every-day efforts to satisfy our clients.



American Industries Group has helped over 200 global companies to successfully establish and run manufacturing operations throughout Mexico since 1976 through Site Selection, Administrative “Shelter” services and Industrial Real Estate.


Our commitment is to provide high quality value added services that facilitate the successful establishment and operation of international companies in Mexico.

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