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How would the story of your company change if you improved your bottom line by offshoring your manufacturing operation to Mexico?


The spirit of the solution brought by the American Industries Group to the leaders of industrial companies intending to start up manufacturing in Mexico has always been to become the Strategic Business Partner who impulses them to achieve success in the establishment and day-to-day operations of their offshore projects.


American Industries Group started in 1976 serving international companies in their cost reduction quest by assisting them to land their offshoring projects as their strategic business partner in Mexico.


During these 35 years, the American Industries Group assisted over 200 international corporations from diverse industrial fields like Aerospace, Automotive, Appliances, Autoparts, Electronics, Metal Mechanical, Medical devices, among other important industries to successfully start up manufacturing operations in Mexico in a Maquila or Maquiladora, as they are known in this country.


From its beginnings, manufacturing companies found in American Industries Group a strategic business partner with a “CAN DO ATTITUDE”. That is why a lot of international companies seamlessly ventured to start up operations in Mexico beyond the US border.


For the first time, decision makers from international manufacturing companies were able to explore and take advantage of low cost, low turnover cities.


An offshore manufacturing movement had started, at first moving simple assembly processes to the US-Mexico border, and later onIn the last two decades, more complex processes followed the trend (important OEMs and TIERS 1, 2 and 3) making Mexico one of the most attractive low cost manufacturing hubs in the world.


The American Industries Group has taken care of all the administrative support o “shelter services” and industrial Real Estate services needed by manufacturers in their start up in Mexico process, enabling them to concentrate on their core competencies.


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Real Estate

American Industries Group has helped over 200 global companies to successfully establish and run manufacturing operations throughout Mexico since 1976 through Site Selection, Administrative “Shelter” services and Industrial Real Estate.


Our commitment is to provide high quality value added services that facilitate the successful establishment and operation of international companies in Mexico.

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